What Is The Divorce Path?

The Divorce Path is the term Cassandra uses to refer to your personal journey from contemplating a divorce all the way through to reorganizing your life after your divorce.

Should I Leave My Marriage?

Unsure about what divorce entails
Work through pros and cons of divorce
Setting clear paths for making marriage work

How Do I Cope With A Recent Separation?

Initial shock
Dealing with the emotional roller coaster
Facing your emotions
Grieving process
Communication with your ex

How Do I Get Through My Divorce?

Building support team
Lessening the impact on your children
Single parent concerns
Co Parenting issues
Managing conflict with your ex
Healing yourself
Working with your lawyer
Dealing with significant life changes

How Do I Move Forward With My Life?

Rediscovering your identity
Figuring out what you want
Setting goals and new paths
Creating a future for yourself
Creating an attainable action plan

What Happens After My Divorce?

Career Decisions
Managing ongoing conflict
Relationship with your ex
Co parenting
Dating and new relationships