Couples Counseling & Marriage Counseling

Sarasota couples Counseling

People often seek marriage or couples counseling at a point when they believe their relationship is beyond repair. Some of the most common signs of this can include

  • One of both of you are experiencing anger and frustration on a daily basis.
  • There is a breakdown in communication.
  • You are experiencing a lack of trust with your partner.
  • Intimacy is waning or no longer exists.

Addressing these concerns in couples counseling increases your chance of a healthy and happy resolution.

Reasons For Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is sought for a wide range of reasons. More often than not, couples seeking therapy have trouble communicating effectively. Consequently, there is a break down in one or many parts of the relationship. Communicating effectively without fighting and resentment is key to a good relationship. While it may be hard to imagine right now, couples therapy will teach both you and your partner the importance of being heard by each other. This will show that you care and start you down the road of communicating in a way that creates warmth, connection, security, and stability.

Other reasons couples may seek help from a couples counselor include

  • Losing time for one another in your busy lives.
  • Trust is gone.
  • Feelings of betrayal.
  • Diminished sexual attraction and desire.
  • Regular fighting or arguing without adequate resolution.

Some issues that may be addressed are:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Money and finances
  • Sex and intimacy
  • Fighting and anger
  • Gender roles
  • In-law struggles
  • Religion
  • Values
  • Work
  • Parenting issues

The shift in a relationship can bring about many emotions, including sadness, confusion, and despair. The desire to run away and quit the marriage before even trying to work on it is also a common response. Cassandra provides a safe and inviting environment where both partners can address all of the emotions, thoughts, and questions that arise in couples counseling. Together with Cassandra, you will collaboratively create a plan and set goals to get your relationship back on track.

Counseling sessions typically run 1 hour in length.

Sessions can include both partners as well one-on-one sessions as needed.