About Cassandra Winters

Cassandra Winters is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. Cassandra is very well trained to provide insight, knowledge, practical guidance, and non-judgmental support for whatever concerns her clients have. Cassandra will work with you to identify your needs, create goals and action plans, and help you cope with the emotional issues that may arise during many of life’s different stages and transitions.

Cassandra is a compassionate, empathic, empowering listener who prides herself on helping her clients thrive individually and in their relationships. Cassandra works with couples, individuals, teens as well as individuals or couples who are navigating the difficulties of divorce.
As a client you will not experience a therapist that just sits there quietly and nods her head or asks you how that feels. Cassandra is a passionate participant in helping you to gain perspective and insight while often sharing experiences and also challenging you by asking questions and offering alternate perspectives. Her goal is to help you cope with
your emotions, gain confidence and clarity which will enable you to thrive and live happy fulfilling lives.

Cassandra is a single Mom of two children who went from a stay-at-home Mom to now following her own path to helping others discover who they are and live their own authentic lives.