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Sarasota Divorce Counseling

The ending of a romantic relationship is one of the most painful experiences. Divorce counseling and break-up therapy can help guide you through this loss. Whether this is a shared decision or not, you both are experiencing emotions around the loss of someone significant in your life, as well as the dream of a life together. These are not easy emotions to handle and you can often get stuck in your divorce or break up and not see a life that can exist without this person.

Give Yourself Time

  • Divorce Counseling Can Help
  • Thinking About Divorce
  • In The Midst Of A Divorce
  • Recovering From A Divorce
  • Dating For A Short Time
  • Married For Decades

Recovery from a relationship ending can take some time. Having a supportive therapist in a safe, confidential environment can enable the healing process. You may feel like you are on a roller coaster of emotions, angry one minute, sad the next, then happy with the decision to end the relationship. Dealing with this ride takes energy, time, and support. Divorce counseling provides the help and understanding of your emotional journey and can clear up confusion and fear about moving forward when you are confused about what that might look like.

Divorce counseling and break-up therapy helps you understand your role and your partner’s roles. It helps you find your new identity, heal, and transform. In counseling you will address your challenges and work toward overcoming them. You will explore family relationships, patterns, and the influences impacting your identity.

This time is about growth and understanding. It may not have been a part of your expected plan, but it serves as a great opportunity for you to strengthen yourself and regroup. Having hope is incredibly important and allowing therapy to guide you will lead you to a new path where you will thrive and have the confidence to move forward. Read More About Your Divorce Path

Sessions are 55 mins each.